[Others] Windows 11 快速鍵

升級到 windows 11 後,原生就提供了不少新功能,為了要讓整個操作流程流暢,勢必要記一些快速鍵,所以從網路上整理了一些


  1. Open Action Center - Win + A
  2. Open Notifications Panel - Win + N
  3. Open Widgets Panel - Win + W
  4. Quick Access to snap layout - Win + Z



  1. Alt + F4: Close active window. When you are on the desktop with no active window selected, this shortcut opens the shutdown dialog box with options to restart, sleep, hibernate, log out, or shut down your PC.
  2. Win + L: Lock your computer
  3. Win + D: Minimizes all open windows and takes you. to the Desktop
  4. Alt + Tab: Switch between the running applications (Task Switcher)
  5. Win + Tab: Open Task View
  6. Ctrl + Z: Undo an action
  7. Ctrl + Y: Redo an action
  8. Ctrl + Delete: Move selected item to Recycle Bin:
  9. Shift + Delete: Delete the selected item permanently
  10. Win + X: Open Start Button context menu
  11. Esc: Stop or close the current task
  12. F11: Enter/ Exit full-screen mode
  13. F2: Rename selected item
  14. F5: Refresh the active window. This shortcut also refreshes the Windows desktop when no active window is selected.
  15. F10: Open the Menu bar in the current app
  16. Win + I: Open Windows 11 Settings
  17. Win + R: Open Run command
  18. Alt + Page Up: Move up one screen
  19. Alt + Page Down: Move down one screen
  20. Ctrl + Shift + Esc: Keyboard shortcut to open Task Manager in Windows 11
  21. Win + S or Win + Q: Open Windows Search
  22. Ctrl + P: Print the current page
  23. Shift + Arrow keys: Select more than one item
  24. Ctrl + S: Save the current file (works on apps like Office 365, Notepad, Paint, etc.)
  25. Ctrl + Shift + S: Save As
  26. Ctrl + O: Open a file in the current app
  27. Alt + Esc: Cycle through the apps on the taskbar
  28. Alt + F8: Display your password on the login screen
  29. Alt + Spacebar: Open the shortcut menu for the current window
  30. Alt + Enter: Open properties for the selected item
  31. Alt + F10: Open the context menu (right-click menu) for the selected item
  32. Ctrl + N: Open a new program window of the current app
  33. Backspace: Go back to the Settings home page (while on any Windows Settings page)
  34. Win + period (.) or Win + semicolon (;): Windows 11 keyboard shortcut to access the Emoji keyboard
  35. Win + P: Project a screen
  36. Win + H: Launch Voice Typing


  1. PrtScn/ Print Screen: Take a screenshot of the entire desktop
  2. Alt + PrtScn: Take a screenshot of the Active Window
  3. Win + Shift + S: Capture any part of the screen with Snip & Sketch

Desktop and Virtual Desktop Shortcuts

  1. Windows key: Open Start Menu
  2. Ctrl + Shift: Switch the keyboard layout
  3. Alt + Tab: View all open apps
  4. Ctrl + Arrow keys + Spacebar: Select more than one item on the desktop
  5. Win + M: Minimize all open windows
  6. Win + Shift + M: Maximize all minimized windows
  7. Win + Home: Minimize or maximize all but the active window
  8. Win + Left Arrow Key: Snap the current app or window to the Left
  9. Win + Right Arrow Key: Snap the current app or window to the Right
  10. Win + Shift + Up arrow key: Stretch the active window to the top and bottom of the screen
  11. Win + Shift + down arrow key: Restore or minimize active desktop windows vertically, maintaining width
  12. Win + Tab: Open Desktop view
  13. Win + Ctrl + D: Add a new virtual desktop
  14. Win + Ctrl + F4: Close the active virtual desktop
  15. Win + Ctrl + Right Arrow: Switch to the virtual desktops on the Right
  16. Win + Ctrl + Left Arrow: Switch to the virtual desktops on the Left
  17. Ctrl + Shift: Create a shortcut (while dragging file or folder icon)
  18. Win + Comma (,): Windows Peek (Take a peek at the desktop)
  19. Win + Ctrl + Shift + B: Keyboard shortcut to restart your graphics driver instantly in Windows 11


  1. Ctrl + Shift + Left-click on app icon: Open an app as administrator from the Taskbar
  2. Win + Ctrl + Shift + Number key (0-9): Open a second instance of an app with administrator privileges.
  3. Win + Number key: Open apps from their pinned taskbar icons. that means Win + 1 will open the first app whose icon is pinned on the Taskbar, while Win + 2 will open the second app, etc., depending on their position on the Taskbar.
  4. Win + T: Cycle through apps in the taskbar
  5. Win + Alt + D: View Date and Time from the taskbar
  6. Shift + Left Click app icon: Open another instance of an app from the taskbar
  7. Shift + Right-click grouped app icon: Show the window menu for the group apps from the taskbar
  8. Win + B: Highlight the Overflow key (upwards arrow) in the Notification Area (Once highlighted, you can press Enter and then use arrow keys to toggle between each icon under the overflow menu)
  9. Alt + Windows key + Number Key (0-9): Open a Taskbar icon’s Jump List
  10. Win + Shift + Number Keys (0-9): Open another instance of an open app
  11. Win + Ctrl + Number key (0-9): Switch to the last active window of a pinned app


  1. Win + forward slash (/): Start IME reconversion
  2. Win + F: Open Feedback Hub
  3. Win + K: Open the “Connect” quick setting
  4. Win + O: Lock your device orientation
  5. Win + Pause: Display System Properties (About page) in Windows Settings
  6. Win + Ctrl + F: Search for PCs (if you are on a network)
  7. Win + Shift + Left/ Right arrow key: Move an app or window from one monitor to another
  8. Win + Spacebar: Switch input language and keyboard layout
  9. Win + V: Open Clipboard History
  10. Win + Y: Switch input between desktop and Windows Mixed Reality