[Angular] RxJS 6 的 Breaking Changes 整理

Angular 6 將會把 RxJS 一起升級到 6 版,在 RxJS 6 版有許多的 breaking changes,這些 breaking changes 有許多是為了簡化開發時的寫法所做的改變,所以不要太緊張,就慢慢的了解就可以了。

RxJS 6 Breaking Changes 列表

  • webSocket: webSocket creator function now exported from rxjs/websocket as websocket.
  • IteratorObservable: IteratorObservable no longer share iterator between subscription
  • utils: Many internal use utilities like isArray are now hidden under rxjs/internal, they are implementation details and should not be used.
  • testing observables: HotObservable and ColdObservable, and other testing support types are no longer exported directly.
  • creation functions: All create functions such as of, from, combineLatest and fromEvent should now be imported from rxjs/create.
  • types and interfaces: Can no longer explicitly import types from rxjs/interfaces, import them from rxjs instead
  • symbols: Symbols are no longer exported directly from modules such as rxjs/symbol/observable please use Symbol.observable and Symbol.iterator (polyfills may be required)
  • deep imports: Can no longer deep import top-level types such as rxjs/Observable, rxjs/Subject, rxjs/ReplaySubject, et al. All imports should be done directly from rxjs, for example: import \{ Observable, Subject \} from 'rxjs';
  • schedulers: Scheduler instances have changed names to be suffixed with Scheduler, (e.g. asap -> asapScheduler)
  • operators: Pipeable operators must now be imported from rxjs like so: import { map, filter, switchMap } from 'rxjs/operators';. No deep imports.
  • ajax: Ajax observable should be imported from rxjs/ajax.
  • ajax: will no longer execute a CORS request by default, you must opt-in with the crossDomain flag in the config.
  • Observable: You should no longer deep import custom Observable implementations such as ArrayObservable or ForkJoinObservable.
  • _throw: _throw is now exported as throwError
  • operators: Deep imports to rxjs/operator/* will no longer work. Again, pipe operators are still where they were.
  • error handling: Unhandled errors are no longer caught and rethrown, rather they are caught and scheduled to be thrown, which causes them to be reported to window.onerror or process.on(『error』), depending on the environment. Consequently, teardown after a synchronous, unhandled, error will no longer occur, as the teardown would not exist, and producer interference cannot occur
  • distinct: Using distinct requires a Set implementation and must be polyfilled in older runtimes
  • asap: Old runtimes must polyfill Promise in order to use ASAP scheduling.
  • groupBy: Older runtimes will require Map to be polyfilled to use groupBy
  • TypeScript: IE10 and lower will need to polyfill Object.setPrototypeOf
  • operators removed: Operator versions of static observable creators such as merge, concat, zip, onErrorResumeNext, and race have been removed. Please use the static versions of those operations. e.g. a.pipe(concat(b, c)) becomes concat(a, b, c).
  • rxjs: rxjs/create items are now exported from rxjs
  • throwError: Observable.throw no longer available in TypeScript without a cast
  • empty: empty() without a scheduler will return the same instance every time.
  • empty: In TypeScript, empty() no longer accepts a generic argument, as it returns Observable<never>
  • never: never() always returns the same instance
  • never: TypeScript typing for never() is now Observable<never> and the function no longer requires a generic type.
  • never: no longer exported. Use the NEVER constant instead.
  • Symbol.observable: RxJS will no longer be polyfilling Symbol.observable. That should be done by an actual polyfill library. This is to prevent duplication of code, and also to prevent having modules with side-effects in rxjs.
  • bindCallback: removes result selector, use map instead: bindCallback(fn1, fn2)() becomes bindCallback(fn1)().pipe(map(fn2))
  • Symbol.iterator: We are no longer polyfilling Symbol.iterator. That would be done by a proper polyfilling library
  • Observable.if: TypeScript users using Observable.if will have to cast Observable as any to get to if. It is a better idae to just use iif directly via import { iif } from 'rxjs';
  • bindNodeCallback: resultSelector removed, use map instead: bindNodeCallback(fn1, fn2)() becomes bindNodeCallback(fn1)().pipe(map(fn2))
  • Rx.ts: importing from rxjs/Rx is no longer available. Upcoming backwards compat solution will allow that
  • fromEvent: result selector removed, use map instead: fromEvent(target, 'click', fn) becomes fromEvent(target, 'click').pipe(map(fn))
  • last: no longer accepts resultSelector argument. To get this same functionality, use map.
  • first: no longer supports resultSelector argument. The same functionality can be achieved by simply mapping either before or after first depending on your use case.
  • exhaustMap: resultSelector no longer supported, to get this functionality use: source.pipe(exhaustMap(x => of(x + x).pipe(map(y => x + y))))
  • switchMap|switchMapTo: switchMap and switchMapTo no longer take resultSelector arguments, to get the same functionality use switchMap and map in combination: source.pipe(switchMap(x => of(x + x).pipe(y => x + y))).
  • mergeMapTo: mergeMapTo no longer accepts a resultSelector, to get this functionality, you’ll want to use mergeMap and map together: source.pipe(mergeMap(() => inner).pipe(map(y => x + y)))
  • fromEventPattern: no longer supports a result selector, use map instead: fromEventPattern(fn1, fn2, fn3) becomes fromEventPattern(fn1, fn2).pipe(map(fn3))


  1. Import 位置簡化

    1. creation functions 現在改由 rxjs import

      import { of, from } from 'rxjs';
    2. types and interfaces 現在改由 rxjs import

  2. 語法調整

    1. _if 修改成 iif
    2. _throw 修改成 throwError
    3. asap 修改成 asapScheduler
  3. 擁有 resultSelectoroperators 都被拔掉了,建議改搭配使用 map,例如

    source.pipe(mergeMap((x)=> of(x+x).pipe(y=> x=y)))
  4. Pipeable operators 必須從 rxjs/operators 引用

  5. importing from rxjs/Rx 無法繼續使用. 但會提供 rxjs-compat 套件做向下相容